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Founded in 1852 by St. John Neumann

Iris Dramatic Society


Iris Dramatic & Social Club started in the late 1800's. During the late 1920's and through the 1930's, Iris produced various plays the most notable was "The Passion Play" based on the play performed in Oberammergau, Germany.  The Passion Play was revived after World War II for about 5 years but the Iris club disbanded in the 1950's.  

In celebration of 150th anniversary of St. Mary's Church in 2002, the Iris Dramatic & Social Club was revitalized and began to produce yearly plays, musical variety shows and Christmas shows. 2016 marked the 12th Annual Spring production, called "And Then I Wrote." 

Smaller stage productions, Christmas and Epiphany Concerts, and parish social gatherings have been sponsored and organized by the Iris Society. 

Anyone of good will is welcome to become involved in our productions.  Actors, stage crew, costumers, set designers are always needed and welcomed!  For more information contact Michael Warren, Club President at (717)852-7405.

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