When Jesus Christ commanded his disciples to “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28: 19) who would have believed that twenty-one centuries later we would be using not pen and scroll but rather digital satellites and computer screens?

Welcome to the home of St. Mary’s Church of York, Pennsylvania on the World Wide Web. This is one of the many ways our historically rooted and spiritually driven community of faith is trying to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to our parish family and friends in a 21st Century world.


Our parish, founded in 1852 by Saint John Nepumocene Neumann as a parish for German-speaking Catholics has been, since 1995, a territorial and multilingual parish with special care for Hispanic immigrants.


You will find in St. Mary’s parish family a diverse group of faithful Christians, trying to be holy, helping each other in times of difficulty and rejoicing in moments of celebration. Through our partnership with other area churches, we help feed the hungry at the Catholic Harvest Food Pantry and Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen. Through our parish’s St. Mary’s Thrift Shop we help to clothe the naked. Our dedicated catechists hand on the faith given to us by the apostles in our parish Religious Education Program, and many of our parish children are educated at in-parishioner tuition rates in our local Catholic elementary schools and at York Catholic High School. Enjoyable times are had with those sharing their acting and musical talents with the Iris Dramatic and Social Club, and the crafting and quilting members of St. Mary’s Women’s Societies throw a renowned Holiday Bazaar. The Spanish-speaking Knights of Columbus council, too, gives great physical service while the various prayer groups offer much-needed Christian fellowship. 

As you surf this site, please say a prayer for those not yet connected to a faith community, and if you are not already a registered member of St. Mary’s Church, I invite you to become part of our parish family.


Praised be Jesus Christ! Now and forever, Amen!


Fr. Jonathan P. Sawicki