Religious Education for ADULTS is offered for (1) baptized Christians who were formed in a denomination other than the Roman Catholic Church , (2) for baptized Catholics who wish to complete their initiation in the Church’s sacraments or (3) any Catholic who wishes to supplement his/her personal faith with additional religious study. Religious study for adults is offered as follows:


  • RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) on Monday nights from September through the Easter season beginning at 7:00 PM in English. Classes offered in Spanish will be scheduled in coordination with Deacon Catalino Gonzalez. Interested adults, Unbaptized or Non-Catholics, should contact the Religious Education Office during the summer months. Since each person has different spiritual needs, the time for the celebration of the sacraments will be determined by the pastor and his staff on a case-by-case basis.

  • Classes for Baptized Catholics who have received First Holy Communion but have not yet celebrated the sacrament of Confirmation. This preparation, spanning the six weeks prior to Pentecost, is coordinated with the Office of the Bishop.

  • Classes for the formation of Catechists and all other adults interested in attaining the Diocesan certification for Religious Formation. Consult Marisa Starceski for questions on this certification. Diocesan clearances are required for all catechists who will have regular contact with children.

  • Classes for Parents of children in the Catechetical program during the First Session of Sunday School classes. These informal gatherings are held in the Seton room in Spanish and in the Parish Hall in English and consist of Bible study and discussion of Church teachings.

  • Spiritual formation and prayer groups for adults will be formed as the need arises, at the request of the Holy Father, as in preparation for a special holy year, or at the request of the pastor.