The ministry of Ushering is a very important one. As they interact with both parishioners and visitors, they must be friendly, helpful and make everyone feel welcome. Ushers also help by seating people, especially for very crowded masses and devotions, taking up the collection, assisting with those who are carrying the gifts to the altar and various other tasks that might be necessary for special liturgies. As the people leave, the ushers distribute the bulletin and any other materials the people are to receive.


Greeters do just what their name implies; they greet people who are arriving for mass and/or devotions. They also make newcomers feel welcome and answer any questions visitors may have. Unlike ushers, the job of the greeter is finished as soon as mass begins.


If you are interested in being an usher or greeter at St. Mary's, please call the Parish Office at 717-845-7629.